(Stuff) Woo guess whose back!


I am back! Well sort of! I won't be doing any creations for the Sims 2 (at least not any time soon). However, I will be making things for the Sims 4! I am going to start out small and progress my way back to where I was (or even farther) with time. I plan to do mostly recolors in the future but for right now I will be creating Sims and Pets.

As a side note if anyone would like my previous Sims 2 downloads they are still up on box.net I think they may also be in the graveyard. If there is anything in particular you want that you can't find feel free to ask and I will see if I can find it.

(Sims 2 Stuff) My first Bodyshop Stuffs

A few dresses using Corinnes Mesh w/ extra credit to Nilou. Mesh is included. I am pretty pleased with these as they took me ages. If I can get my game to cooperate with me as I figure out how to change dresses I will add more pics at a later date. I don't feel like dragging my Sims to a community lot. I am the lazy. :( Sorry the poses are poopy too :P No pose boxes in my game atm. Anyways... here ya goes!

Download the snazzyness here!

(Sims 2 Stuff) Dark & Mysterious Wall Set #4

Another set of walls to tide you over some furniture recolors and houses will be coming in the near future :) Hope you enjoy these!

Download them here!

Credits: Holy Simoly / Donnha

(Randomness) Paypal Donate Button whyness?

Just threw it up over on the top right as things are getting a little tough with the finances nothing to worry about. All proceeds will go towards Photobucket/Box.net Accounts and anything left over will be put to the side to either go towards my internet or purchasing the new Photoshopness; or both. It is not mandatory to donate. I just put it up there in case someone is feeling like being nice. So don't worry I know times are rough for everyone around the world so don't sweat it one bit if you can't donate, words of encouragement and thank yous are all I really need in the end :D

More goodies will be coming soon I am just getting over a nasty head cold / touch of sore throat. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

(Sims 2 Stuff) Dark & Mysterious Walls #3

Here is the third set of Dark & Mysterious Walls for your enjoyment!


Download them here!

Credits: Holy Simoly and Donnha for the Wood Molding.

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